Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Not bad for airport fare...or No-Truck Man

San Antonio and back in a day is invigorating.  Or, just plain "ating" anyway, whatever that means...insert your own words there if you feel the need.  

But, enough about me, we talk of others, observed, watched, overheard, smelt, or whatever else constructs a sketch of someone I encountered once...

Over breakfast, I heard...(I'd say overheard, but I was seeking someone to pay attention to, so I don't think it was 'over')...a man talking upon his Japanese phone (my uncle uses that term, I stole it), about his day as he drank coffee and talked on the phone.  He was a decent looking man, dress up a truck driving urban cowboy in a nicer pair of shoes and decent jeans.  His clothes were nothing to write home about, but the conversation was promising.  

"I told them that I wasn't making any money going on up to get that truck," he stated emphatically.  "So, I told them bastards, I'm just flying home, buying a ticket and giving up on this one boys."  

Now, I've no idea what the hell he meant, but really didn't need to...I don't care what he does...I just care about getting to watch and listen as he tries and does it.

The next call was to a buddy.  

"Hey Billy, just seeing what you're up to...yeah, I came up to get that truck, but I can't even get to it and make money.  Yeah, I gave up, which was fine with them as well...I said to them, 'I'm going home', and they were cool with it."  

I'm not so sure he was as cool with it as he led on.  First of all, you don't get from San Antonio to Tulsa...on accident.  Secondly, you wouldn't even try, unless you had a point, or a mission in going there..why waste the money?

Phone call # 3 provided further enlightenment.

"Phil, yeah, get up...I'm heading back to San Antone, I should be there for lunch...yeah, today...why don't you meet down at that little place for lunch."  Mystery Job Man was back on the move in San Antonio, he didn't have time to let his Rolling Stone gather any moss...truck, or not.  

" Well, the bus station was all jacked up and by the time I was going to get up to that truck I wasn't gonna be making anything off it anyway.  Yeah, the buses were all wrong and everything, so I just decided it wasn't worth it, and told THEM I was just buying a plane ticket home.  Why don't you meet me for lunch?  Yeah, that place, cool...see you soon."

Now I'm downright fascinated.  The man with the leather folio that appeared to be a hell of a lot more organized than he originally came across...but, looks can be misleading.  Tony did seem to have some shit together at least...even if he did happen to have to call everyone in his phone to let them know.  

I was getting the message that this truck wasn't worth the trip...but that causes all sorts of problems:

  1. Was it a dumbass trip?  Doomed from the start?
  2. Was he doing someone a favor?
  3. He sure is lonely, wonder if he's call to the wife...[swiftly turning glance to see if plane is outside] ring either...Tony the Lonely Trucker.
  4. If the buses were all jacked, and he just dropped $250 for the one-way back to San Antonio...why didn't he just rent a damn car and go the damned truck?
  5. What kind of truck is it?
  6. Who's Phil?

I'm utterly fascinated by people like this.  Tony the Lonely Trucker...he probably votes, drinks regular beer, and is a pretty good fellah, but fucks his life up a lot...which I take because he had to call several people just to tell them about it.

You make one or two calls, because you have information to get out there, whether it's to your boss, or your wife.  You let folks know you'll be back early...

You call four people in the span of 10 minutes and I start to wonder...more questions...

  1.  Why didn't you call Phil from the bus station?  
  2.  This truck you speak of...what exactly is in it?
  3.  He better have gotten the full rubber glove body cavity search..."hello, I'd like a one way ticket to San Antonio...on the next flight out"...UHM, yeah, could you step over here sir...while we check your body cavity for IED's?

at this point, I decided that my wife's "uber creepy watching other people too closely" light was about to start I backed off and finished breakfast.  

I really don't think Tony the Lonely Flying Trucker was really cool with not getting the reasoning is mostly conjecture, but its the phone calls...4 of them...just to let seemingly random people know Tony ain't picking up the damn truck...

The other, sheerly circumstantial evidence I would put forth...for him not being totally cool with not picking up the Truck...would be that I passed him 5 minutes later, he had a 22 oz. beer in front of him.

Did I mention it was 8:15am?  But, you know all I really knew was that he was on his way back to San Antonio, without the Truck, because it was hard to get to, and the buses were all jacked up...But, THEY were cool with that...

Oh, and he's having lunch with Phil.

Tony the Lonely Flying Non-Trucker...that's what we'll call him.  Have a nice day Tony...I hope the next truck works out man...and make Phil buy if you can.


  1. I can't wait to see where this one goes...

  2. Nice story. Looking forward to more.

    BTW, that is my favorite pic of Malcolm of all time. Cannot be topped.

  3. Scott, this is fantastic. Don't tell Cindy I said this, but I hope you have to travel a lot for all our entertainment.